College Station Waste Water Facility building
2200 North Forest Parkway College Station, TX   (in the training room)
The Waste Water Facility building is at the very, very end of North Forest Parkway.
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1. From Highway 6 take the *Emerald Parkway* Exit, also known as FM 2818

2. Go north on the east side frontage road (side away from town) of Hwy 6 a short distance until you can turn right on North Forest Parkway

3. Go to the Very Very end of North Forest Parkway, even past the dead end road sign (it means you are on the right track) and then through the open gate, not Emerald city, but you are at the right place.

4. There is parking in front if you get there early, or more room in the parking lot to the left side of the building.

Note: If, as you go north on the frontage road you get to the Catholic church, you have missed North Forest Parkway, but cut through the church parking lot back to North Forest Parkway then turn left and go to the Very Very end as above.