Flower Show 2018

The 2018 Flower Show will be held October 13, 2018, at 1401 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Bryan, Texas, in the Cafeteria.  This event will be free and open to the Public from 1 – 3 pm.  Here is a link to the schedule: 

One World – Flower Show Schedule A&M GC 2018

The rules for a single species cut or container grown specimen are listed in the Handbook for Flower Shows or its supplement Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging.  All specimens must be grown by the exhibitor and in the exhibitor’s possession for a minimum of 90 days (Sunday July 15th) for cut or container grown specimens except for combination plantings which must be together for 6 weeks (Saturday September 1) and troughs which must be together for 6 months (April 13.)