Mini Jardineros


The first of a series of lessons for tiny gardeners – mini jardineros – to present to Spanish speaking kids:  
Partes de las Plantas_Juego
AMGC.Adivina las Semillas_Juego
AMGC.Semillas de Pino_Manualidad y Experimento
AMGC.Propagando Suculentas
AMGC.Una Flor
AMGC.Polinizadores Voladores

In Guatemala this year, 2018, in addition to doing programs with the kids on nutrition, pollinators, etc., our MINI JARDINEROS learned about Reforestation and the importance of trees, and how to plant tree seedlings.

Learning to plant grees

Learning to plant trees

Attendance certificates

Completion of course on Smokey Bear Forestation Class