Landscape Design School – SCHOOL FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 CANCELLED!



Helping members develop greater appreciation of the environment, both natural and man made.

Landscape Design Schools offer a series of four 10-hour courses. The courses cover learning about your ecosystem, the principles and elements of landscape design, the landscape design process, the history of landscape design and designing for the environment, among many other topics.

Since its founding in 1958, professional instructors have maintained the high standards originally incorporated in the study program. Students acquire the tools for making their own gardens more beautiful and easier to maintain. Students have been motivated to serve in political decision-making areas where awareness of the impact of a well-designed landscape can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of life in the public arena.

The courses are intended primarily for garden club members, but are open to the general public. Courses may be sponsored by member clubs, groups of clubs, councils, districts and state garden clubs. Garden club members completing the series of four courses are awarded the designation of NGC Landscape Design Consultant. To maintain Consultant status, continuing education is required. Single-subject and Multiple Refreshers provide advanced study opportunity and the occasion to interface with other Consultants. Participation in Consultant Councils is encouraged as one means of using the knowledge gained from this educational program.

Registration forms and schedule will be published closer to the date!